Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Prop 8

This is my opinion, and if you read this then you might care what it is. Maybe not. I am not sure why as a people we think it is OK to tell someone who to love. Its not. We do not have control over who we love. If we did many people would not be in abusive situations. Many people would live happier lives.

But besides that everyone is created equal per our Constitutional rights. Why do we want to take someones rights away. If Prop 8 goes thru, do you realize that for a gay couple you are taking away rights. IF one gets sick, the Dr. actually doesn't have to let them see their partner, because they are not a spouse or a family member....


The world we live in today is very lacking in Common Courtesy, and Love. Why must we as a society put a right or wrong on it.
Live, Love, and Laugh!!!

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