Monday, December 28, 2009

Good Bye

Tomorrow I have to say good bye to a very close friend, and it is breaking my heart. I wish I could just avoid the day, and stay curled up under the blankets and cry and not face it. But it wouldn't be fair to him or for me to not say goodbye. I love him and when he leaves he will be taking a piece of my heart with him. So tomorrow will be a tough day. How do you fall apart without letting it shatter you? We will see what tomorrow brings. I love you and will miss you.


  1. The way to fall apart without it shattering you is to embrace the intensity without reacting to it and without holding on to it and without resisting it.

    You could also have your Bars run so that the implants that trigger ouch painful hurt cries is eliminated energetically.

    For showing up for me and being here for me could you receive this as Gift from me? Its is like a Goodbye thats a parting gift. A gift that stays with you like a sweet sunny sparkly memory.

  2. ::hugs::
    I wish you had told me sooner . . .